Welcome to the 2023 rules

Team Mac Invitational Tournament

March 25-26, 2023

Thanks for your support!!


Game Rules:  NYSHS Rules except: 

  1.  6 fouls to foul out.  3-30 second timeouts per game.  1-TO in OT.  No carryover.

  2.  Shoot 1&1 on 10th foul.  No double bonus.  1&1 in the last minute and in OT.

  3.  Game length is 16 minutes per half.  Stopped clock except if a team is up by 20+ points with 10 minutes remain in the 2nd half.

  4.  5 minutes between games.  No exceptions.  Have your team ready to go!

  5.  Halftime is 3 minutes.   Overtime is 2 minutes then any score.

  6.  Each team must sign the medical release form before their first game.

  7.  Each team must supply their basketballs including a game ball.

  8.  10 second rule in backcourt is in effect for the Girls as well as boys. No shot clocks!

     If you are winning by 15 pts first half or 20 points in second half, fall back in a zone! Do not run up the score on a team. No pressing when up by 20. Sportsmanship should prevail.

  9.  Point differential is 20 points-then AAU tiebreakers are used.

  10.  Special rules for all games at St. Mary’s (Young Grades)

  11.  Game length is 14 minutes per half.

  12. 28.5 ball will be used for 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades unless coaches agree otherwise.

  13. 3rd 4th and 5th Grade - No 3’s & No full court press once a team is up by 15 points.


    Each team MUST have a CLOCK Operator or a scorekeeper at the table at each game.  CLOCK operator is home team and scorekeeper is the away team. Make sure the board is accurate!!!!  If there are no scorekeepers, then no one fouls out and the Clock operator will only keep track of team fouls. First team is home team.