Team Mac, LTD
AAU Basketball

Start your own Team Mac, LTD Team

If you have your own team and coach, you can become a member of the Team Mac, LTD organization.
The advantages of becoming a member of our organization is that you take care of the basketball and we take care of the paperwork and administrative details. In addition, we can save you money!

Along with the administrative paper work we provide our experience and reputation within the AAU organization to help you plan your AAU season. We can recommend tournaments, provide you with forms to organize your team and provide you with fundraisers.

The coach and parents handle all the basketball decisions. The cost to belong to our organization is $15.00 per player. This covers the AAU membership fee. Our organization pays for the insurance.

How can we save you money?
1) You receive a $70 discount off of our tournaments.
2) You receive any discounts on other tournaments that our organization can secure because of our size. This year it is $50 on the first two tournaments.

3) We can help you with gym time (although you may have to pay for the gym time). In some cases we may be able to get free gym time for you.
4) When you attend our clinics you receive a discount on the fee (or it may be free).

What other ways can we help you?
1) We provide you with a list of tournaments, recommend the better one’s and on many occasions, get you in at the last minute.
2) We can help with hotel reservations and we may be able to secure better rates.
3) If you need uniforms we can direct you to our contact or you can use your own.
4) If you need some extra players, you can come to our tryouts and select them. When we get inquires regarding playing for one of out teams we will send them to you.

The coach and parents are responsible for all costs other than the $15 registration fee. This allows you to determine how many tournaments you want to enter and to calculate the cost.

We provide a cost calculator sheet.
So far we have 8 teams operating this way.

If you are interested in having your own Team Mac, LTD team, contact Tim Schulz at (716) 472-5330 or by email to